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About The University
The Islamic Azad University of Neyshabur was established as the largest and most equipped center of Higher Education in the ancient city of Neyshabur in 1985. Currently, as a comprehensive unit of PhD degree, MSc, BSc and Associate degree with unique facilities and equipment, along with qualified and capable faculty members and as one of the largest Higher Education complexes in Northeast of the country, Islamic Azad University of Neyshabur is ranked as the second in the region based on the webometric ranking.
The University Mission
The mission of Islamic Azad University of Neyshabur is to provide educational and research services to the students and community, along with improving the quality and quantity of the services provided through the use of new educational and research methods and technologies.
The University is also committed to expanding the scope of its research activities, developing new and applied technologies, and commercializing scientific and research achievements by providing a stimulating and enthusiastic environment for the growth and enhancement of the scientific and professional abilities of its employees, staffs and students.
The University's mission is also to become a credible and dynamic scientific and research center by preserving the environment and the human dignity of its members, and also by adhering to fruitful scientific competition, and constructive engagement with various domestic and foreign scientific and research centers. The university is also committed to develop and institutionalize the spiritual and cultural values throughout Neyshabur city by playing a leading role.
The University Vision
By 2025, The Islamic Azad University of Neyshabur will be a university with innovative educational and research services, dynamic production of new and applied science and technology, entrepreneurship and innovation in expanding the field of educational and research activities, as well as commercializing scientific achievements, and finally will be a trusted and dynamic institution for the development of spiritual and cultural values in the region
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Address : Islamic Azad University,Neyshabur Branch
Pazhuhesh Blvd, Neyshabur, Iran
 P.O.Box:  : 9319975853         Phone:  10-42621901   
Fax: (+98)42615472  
Official Web site: http://www.iau-neyshabur.ac.ir
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